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CIRCLE Dance Rotterdam

THE ORGANISATION Founded in 2011, CIRCLE Dance is a Rotterdam based dance organization mainly focused on professional dance training, whose activities revolve around exchange and emphasize on development in the dance scene. The wide range of different classes, workshops, and presentations by CIRCLE Dance are a result of active pursuits with educational, inquisitive and representative nature. Our purpose is non-governmental, non-commercial and purely cultural, aesthetic and artistic.

CIRCLE Dance is a home of numerous dance teachers, choreographers, and performers, linked by the organization with a common goal and principles in the professional field.

CIRCLE Dance aims to be a network for new contacts, a hotspot for new meetings and a basis for new collaborations. The organization’s inventive ways are establishing a unifying factor that is the reason for a creative process and genuine atmosphere, making direct open communication and democratic manners a primary method to connect professionals, admirers, and business partners.

OUR TEAM The idea for an organization such as CIRCLE Dance is today, was initially conceived and made possible by Lars Wettmann – current Artistic and Managing Director.

During the process of establishing organizational duties, CIRCLE Dance expanded into collective, uniting dance artists, individually responsible for the growth and the development of the company. The team consists of a core group vibrant and pro-active dance professionals, who evolve in number with time, hoping to engage more artists, interested in contributing to the dance community.

The vision of CIRCLE Dance is based on a particular ideology about connectivity, transparency, efficiency, discipline, mutual understanding, solidarity and efforts of the team and our partners.

All the decisions regarding the future of CIRCLE Dance are being made collectively. The main reasons for our choices reflect on the community's feedback. The CIRCLE Dance team supports and encourages other professionals with similar views to join us or to build an identical non-hierarchic business structure.

THE PURPOSE The main purpose is to offer a diverse, dynamic every-day program of professional dance training whether that be Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Urban, Pilates, and many other significant dance styles or techniques. The classes are targeted for professional dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and everyone working professionally with dance practice like musical artists, circus artists, but also physical actors or dance therapists. Many of our teachers are choreographers or directors of companies. This diversity offers participants the opportunity to work with players in the field who can guide them in their development and careers, as well as possibly help them get jobs. But also the training in itself is a great help to stay in shape and deepen your professional skill set.

Besides the daily classes and the various monthly curriculums, CIRCLE Dance has a vision overall to provide professional experience on a progressive level, challenging the high standard and creating opportunities for artistic expression. We try to facilitate an accessible platform for dance art, stabilize the current state of dance art, find parallels between them and the surrounding dance instances. These efforts do not interfere with others' points of view, neither politic nor experimental art, but rather accept and agitate them, keeping all possibilities open.

CIRCLE Dance's ideology is to empower dance artists to express themselves, to do what inspires them and to set their own guidelines. Being adaptive, bringing change, reach a broader audience and achieve the best results are the right means to accomplish that.

Class cards
Wouter Vertogen 2021/22

Would you like to participate in more than one Wouter Vertogen 2021/22 class or workshop? Join 10 classes or workshops for only 110.00 € with the Wouter Vertogen 2021/22 class card.

Elita Cannata Lars Wettmann Adam Parson

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Past courses

Elita Cannata for advanced/professional
Course is over, started on Nov. 28, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

LA Jazz
LA Jazz

Adam Parson for advanced/professional
Course is over, started on July 15, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.