Summer Modern class with Lars Wettmann
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Lars Wettmann

Summer Modern

Mit Lars Wettmann

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Course is over, started on 5. August 2019
18:45 - 20:00

Evites, Baan 74, Rotterdam

Lars teaches the beginnings of his own Diving Spirals technique, inspired by Flying Low and Countertechnique but with a twist - literally. You'll feel the principles on the floor or in partnerwork and explore your own soft spiraling possibilites up to horizontal and vertical movement paths through space, big twisted jumps, and lots of turns.

  • Standard : 55,00 € - Der ganze Kurs
  • Standard : 14,00 € - Einzelne Klasse
  • Jeugd : 38,50 € - Der ganze Kurs mit 30% Rabatt
  • Jeugd : 9,80 € - Einzelne Klasse mit 30% Rabatt
  • Jongvolwassenen (-24) : 41,25 € - Der ganze Kurs mit 25% Rabatt
  • Jongvolwassenen (-24) : 10,50 € - Einzelne Klasse mit 25% Rabatt

  • Summer Modern is over.

This course is over.

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Content and Depth
Build-up and Development
Instruction and Didactics
Fun and Inspiration
Evita De Roode wrote on 19. August 2019 11:07
Real fun advanced modern dance class. Where you can learn a lot in a enthusiastic & helpfull way
Content and Depth
Build-up and Development
Instruction and Didactics
Fun and Inspiration

I really enjoy taking class from Lars. He is always very enthusiastic and helpfull. I learn a lot form his classes. He really takes time to explain things. Since it is so much fun to participate in his classes, time always goes so fast. If you want to develop your modern dance. I highly recommend his classes!

After graduating from Codarts Dance Academy, Lars has been working for three seasons with Meekers. He has danced in works by Arthur Rosenfeld, Andrea Boll, Jaakko Toivonen, André Gingras, Tabea Martin, Karolin Verlinden and Sabina Perry. He also worked with Douglas Bateman, Georg Reischl, and Nannine Linning. Currently, he dances in "Smart" by Jaakko Toivonen & Wies Bloemen from Danstheater AYA. Lars has also danced for TV shows, DJ Bobo's European tour, and has choreographed a music video for friend, and singer, Mellika Meskine. He is also a choreographer at Hogenbirk & Wettmann. His most current work for children 6+ 'Vertel Mij Wat' tours through the Netherlands with over 40 performances per season.