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Perform better as an Amateur Dancer - in 4 Steps

How you, as an amateur dancer, can prepare yourself optimally for a dance performance.


The most beautiful dancers of the 21st century

Who are the most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century? The answer to this question may not thrill those whose names are already known in the dance world. 


Why it is awesome to dance together

Read this short list consisting of 5 reasons why you should step out of your living room and dance together with others in a group class.


7 Reasons Dance Is a Form of Art

The question as to whether dancing is an art form has been debated by philosophers since ancient times. It's clear, however, that dancing shares many of the same characteristics with other art forms. Dancing is an art form on its own even without music. Here's a deeper look at why dancing is a definite art form due to its recreational, cultural and storytelling qualities.


7 reasons why taking dance classes makes you more creative

Read all about the seven reasons why taking dance classes helps you to become more creative in life - in Rotterdam or wherever you are in the world.