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How dance class improves your work-life



Let's face it: working can be a drag. If you are like most people, the bulk of the time you are working, you would rather be doing something else. Our workdays take a lot out of us and at the end of it, we often feel like we do not have the energy to do anything else. I am here to let you know that it doesn't have to be like this. What if I told you that incorporating dance into your life could improve your workday in numerous ways? Dancing bolsters creativity which can parlay into improving how you approach your work, it gives you the exercise you need to prevent work-fatigue, and it can even have a positive effect on your relationships with your co-workers.


Dancing makes you more creative

Dancing is about expression. Even when you are doing a set routine of moves and steps, there is always room for putting one's own self into the dance. When we give ourselves over to dance, it is like our bodies cannot help but want to show who we are. The more you dance, the more you find that this is the case. You naturally find places within dance to show your creative side, in small or large movements that showcase your true self. Once this creativity is unlocked, it can carry over into other parts of your life. At work, your dance experience could open you up to being able to creatively approach problem-solving in the work-place. You may find parts of your brain unlocked to you that have felt closed off before.


Dancing improves your workflow

You need to exercise to be healthy. Being healthy not only extends your life, but it makes your current life better. At some point you will retire from work and you will be glad that you kept exercising in your younger years so that you can take full advantage of your golden ones. Why wait all that time though to reap the benefits of something? There are plenty of ways that regular exercise improves your life right now, including your workflow on the job. In an article in Forbes, Dr. John Ratey (author of "Spark - The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain") lets us know that when we exercise, our focus sharpens for two to three hours after the session.

That means that you will get a boost of up to a few hours whether you get a workout in first thing in the morning, in the middle of the workday, or in the evening. You can be much more ready to take on those first few hours of work, get through the mid-day slog, and even get through a late working night (if you are someone that sometimes has to take their work home with them).

In the same article, we are told that regular exercise also improves our memory recall and helps our organizational thinking. This means that by getting blood flowing to your brain on your workdays, you are more likely to remember important details and less likely to have your mind drift (we have all had those days where something that should take us an hour takes us three). You could get these benefits of regular exercise in all sorts of ways. We happen to think that the best way to get it is by doing something that gives you a full-body workout while also doing something you enjoy. Who doesn't love dancing?!


Improving your workplace relations through dance class

Taking a dance class can actually improve your relationships with the people at your work. First off, dancing improves your mood. So if you are dancing regularly, you are likely going to be a more pleasant person to be around altogether. Going to a dance school requires you to leap out of your shell a little bit. You will be interacting with a group of people in a way that might be new to you. You will also be developing a skill that you will ultimately be proud of. All of these things lead to a boost of confidence. This means that if you are typically a person that avoids interacting socially in the workplace, you will become more likely to actually engage with your co-workers. This will help build a sense of you being part of a team and can lead to projects being accomplished more successfully. Also, just imagine how excited everyone will be to see you pull out some of your new moves at the next company party! You may end up serving as an unofficial ambassador for the dance school by enlisting your co-workers as new recruits!


Where to begin

Okay, you may admit that we make some valid points about how dance could improve your working life. Now what? With a busy working life, we know that it can be difficult to find the time to sort out where to find a dance class in Rotterdam that could work for you. Luckily, we have taken care of that piece of the puzzle for you. We connect you with dance classes that focus on ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, Balkan, and everything else under the sun. Not only that, but our classes are taught by some of the best instructors in all of Rotterdam.

If you agree now that dance could have benefits for your work-life, we encourage you to check out our great variety of dance classes and see what class might appeal to you. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below so you can stay abreast of all the latest happenings as well as new classes that get added. We always have something new going on! With all that we have available, we truly believe that we can connect you with a dance class that will be right for you. We are thrilled that you have an interest in improving your life through what dance can offer you and we look forward to seeing you in a class as well as out on the dance-floor.


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