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The most beautiful dancers of the 21st century



Who are the Most Beautiful Dancers of the 21st Century? The answer to this question may not thrill those whose names are already well known in the dance world. Many professional dance educators would likely say choosing the world's most beautiful dancers of the 21st century depends on what is considered "beautiful."

By explanation, in ballet dance class, it is reasonably easy to identify ballet students as "beautiful" since ballet is the essence of beauty and grace.

In tap and jazz dance, "beautiful" would not be a description for a dance student since tap and jazz are borne of a less "graceful," more freeform styles of dance. However, a tap and jazz dancer can have a beautiful technique not seen before.

In dance, beauty often relates to a dancer's technique or style. Choosing the most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century comes down to which dancers have demonstrated a unique, individualist style.


How Dance Critics Choose the World's Most Beautiful Dancers

One of the most reliable and oldest dance magazines simply named, "Dance Magazine" is the Bible to anyone in the dance world. This includes dancers, teachers, dance coaches, agents, choreographers, professional dance companies, colleges, and virtually all theater related associates.

Since 1927, Dance Magazine reviews individual dancers who merit public notice and awareness. In 2019, these dancers span several styles of dance that include:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Freeform

Dancers are chosen based on their talent, skills, technique, and performances. Most emerge from local dance schools.


The Most Beautiful Dancers of the 21st Century to Watch

Canada's National Ballet School has one of the beautiful dancers of the 21st Century, Siphesihle November. His impeccable, precision technique as a male ballet dancer includes deliberately elongated lines, buoyant leaps and the most fluid, graceful port de bra seen in the ballet world today by a student.

There is a beauty and aesthetic charm about Micaela Taylor whose forte in dance is contemporary and hip hop. Her style combines her Vaganova training with her unique modern mix of movements.

If you consider unique blends of ballet and contemporary movements beautiful, than Micaela Taylor from the Los Angeles Dance Company can be regarded as a beautiful dancer in league with those in the 21st Century.

Then, there is Nick Gariess who has taken the Irish and Canadian step dances and combined his technique with Appalachian style clog dancing to create a beautifully rhythmic, highly fluid tap dance syllabus.

One might say he "speaks with his feet" so articulately that it is a beautiful thing to behold. This Michigan, U.S. born dancer is gaining in public awareness and travels on tour for three quarters of a year.



Most Beautiful Dancers with Elegant Acting Skills



In ballet, some storylines require excellent acting skills. For example, in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, a single ballerina often plays dual roles of Odette the Swan Queen and Odile, the Black Swan.

The point here is whether a beautiful dancer must also have excellent acting skills to pull off a role like beautiful dancer Stephanie Troyak has done in "Seven Deadly Sins."

In "Seven Deadly Sins," Troyak takes her ballet skills to new heights with equal parts of exactitude and abandon and gracefully executed sweeping gestures. However, it is Troyak's acting skills and grit that punctuates some of the more disturbing parts of "Seven Deadly Sins'" choreographer Pina Bausch's psychological saga.


Across the Pond in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is well known for its dance schools and grueling, challenging dance classes that turn out the most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century.

For example, in the romantic duet "Pas de Deux" dancers Rubén Garcia Arabit and Jozefien Debaillie capture the heart and soul of pas de deux to the tranquil, lilting music of Michiel Borstlap's "Risonanza". Unsurprisingly, the Belgian Jozefien was nominated for the Dutch Oscar of Dance "De Zwaan" for this outstanding performance.

The beauty of their dance movements reaches out so passionately to the audience because of their unique ability to dance as one.

This is an achievement that originates from the depths of understanding the cohesion between movement, music, and physical performing skills.

In this dance performance choreographed by Scapino Ballet's house choreographer Ed Wubbe, it is difficult to choose whether it is the beautiful dancing that makes "Risonanza" so enthralling or the music that makes the dancers so beautiful.


Dance Education

Over the years, dance class has changed somewhat due to technology. However, dance education is not something to be learned out of a book. Not if the dance school expects to teach the all-important technique.

All dance schools rely on dance syllabus for their curriculum. For example, in ballet, a dance school may teach ballet dance class with the Vaganova, Kirov, Royal Ballet, or Cecchetti syllabus. The basis of each of these tends to differ slightly in terms of performance of specific ballet steps and port de bra.

In jazz, most teachers of jazz dance tend to follow the most famous jazz dancer's style. This is also true of modern dance and lyrical dance.

Although some schools prefer to develop their own choreography for their dance students, many professional, certified dance teachers may rely on their certifying organization's syllabus.


Dance Collaboratives, Dance Schools and Dance Classes

In the US and Europe, many dance students look to a dance collaborative to help them find the right dance study course, school or classes. This actually is a comprehensive way of developing dance skills to become one of the most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century.


What Makes A Dancer the World's Most Beautiful?

Indeed, beautiful dancers are not judged based on their looks. In dance, beauty is all about excellence. The most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century all have one thing in common: persistence.

These are dancers who know persistence pays off in perfecting each dance step and performing these perfected dance steps with their own style and technique.

One well known former dancer who developed her own dance technique is Anouk van Dijk, a graduate of Rotterdam Dance Academy in 1985. Her dance technique "Countertechnique" is now being taught internationally and seen as one of the leading techniques of the present. This is certainly a style that will form the new generation of most beautiful dancers of the 21st century.

Though, when the most beautiful dancer performs a set of ballet steps, it isn't all about acrobatics or even the pas de poisson's precision timing. It is about how dancers in training share these movements with those with trained and untrained eyes.


Beautiful Dancers Around the World

The most beautiful dancers lose themselves in the meld of music and dance steps in a way that becomes a natural expression of their love of dance. Without the drive and passion to dance, perfecting dance style and technique becomes difficult.

Many countries of the world comprise the list of most beautiful dancers such as India's Mahire Emet or the dancers of Cambodia, China, and Thailand.


Beautiful Ethnic Dancers

From the youngest three-year-old Irish step dance student to the brilliant Oberek Polish dance student, there is a natural beauty in ethnic dance.

In Holland, the Achterhookse Folkloredansers, based in Ruurlo, Netherlands, perform precision traditional folk dances at every age, like the "Horlepiep," a form of clog dancing.


Dance as a Living Art

Artship is both a collaborative and a collective that seeks to expand the reach of dance education. It is an expansive source for various dance technique study courses and also provides information on other creative arts like painting, singing, designing, acting, photography, and writing.


What Makes Artship Unique?

Artship brings students and teachers together who have a passion for their particular art and a desire to grow in skill and knowledge. This is how Artship helps dance students become the most beautiful dancers of the 21st Century.

Take the time to review Artship's offerings today. It's a treasure trove of valuable and useful information. Explore our extensive selection of courses now.




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