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Why it is awesome to dance together



Sometimes you do a little dance all by yourself, alone in front of the mirror, or make the chore of vacuuming your living room a little more fun with a little music and some moves.

Dancing can also be a group activity: In the form of a dance class, a social dancing event or a performance. But why is it so awesome to dance together? Here is a short list of 5 reasons why you should step out of your living room and dance together in a group class.


1. You meet people with the same interests as you

It is really fun to meet up with people who love to dance just like you do. You must have noticed that when you start talking about dance to some family members or friends, they glaze over. They are just not that into it. When you come in for a group class and everyone understands the lingo and laughs about the dance jokes, it is such a relief. It feels like a warm bath to be around kindred spirits.

Especially if you are an introvert and socially shy, it can be so nice to see that socializing doesn’t have to be awkward when speaking to the right people. The effort to go out of your house and meet up will be so much easier and fun. You look forward to your next class and meet up.


2. You can make friends for life

Me as a dance teacher, I have seen friendships develop in a ballet class. It pleasantly surprised me that dancers would meet up with each other outside of the dance training. They discovered that they have more in common than just ballet, and went ahead and planned a nice outing, a dinner, a movie or a concert. There would also be dancers who would keep an eye on the theater schedule, and went ahead visiting performances of various dancing groups together.

The next week I would obviously inform how it was. And I would always get smiling, happy faces. Which, of course, makes me happy as well. As a teacher I am not only there to help you out with executing the exercises and your technique, but I also want you to feel good and have fun.


3. You learn by observing others

In a group class or dance training, you can see the other dancers around you and copy their movements to enhance your own. You may also dance in groups, trios or duets. That is a great opportunity for you to observe the other dancers and see how they execute the flow or dynamics of the movements on the music. Do you notice how they use the floor? Are they dancing big or small? And how do they use the space?

For example, if you are dancing crossing the room, and the teacher asks you to move big, with purpose and dynamics, look and see which of your fellow dancers is able to get this done and try to copy him or her.


4. Competitiveness makes you a better dancer

While making friends at a dance class, there can also be some competitiveness between dancers and that’s okay. Obviously, a bit healthy competition will make dancers stronger and better. A simple example: if you see another dancer executing two nice and clean pirouettes, you might be motivated to keep practicing and your technique will evolve. Eventually, you will be able to do it, too. Imagine how proud of yourself you will be.


5. Feedback for the group or another dancer can help you, too

When the teacher gives a correction for the whole group, you can quickly scan your own movements and feelings and then apply the corrections to yourself. You will see that your progress will be faster than just dancing on music with no regard of your surroundings. So, try not to zone out when the teacher gives feedback to another dancer, but stay actively involved in the session. Become mindful about the whole experience, and you will see that you will get so much out of it.


Tip: Take a class from a real-life teacher. Don't just look at YouTube videos

Especially when you are starting with a new dance style or skill, it's important to get quality information: checking out videos can be an extra source of information, but it does not compare to a group class or training. Simply because your teacher who is there with you in the room can interact with you. She or he can warn you when they see you are executing something dangerously, and therefore helping you avoid injuries. They are also there as your personal coach or trainer and keep an eye on your progress. Even if it is a group activity, you will see that your professional teacher will see and interact with everybody. The teacher can help you out with making an exercise more suitable for you and give you personalized advice, feedback, and corrections. And that is so valuable!


In conclusion, it might be a little scary at first to go out to a new situation and meet new people. But see it as an adventure. It is so worthwhile to go out and take those classes. Have fun, learn a new skill (safely) and meet other dancers. It is a win-win and such an amazing experience, you will take with you for the rest of your life.

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