Creative writing in English class with Nadia Palliser
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Nadia Palliser

Creative writing in English

With Nadia Palliser
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Course is over, started on June 25, 2020
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

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Would you like to develop your own writing? Creative writing refers to the writing of fiction: everything that is made up! By using your imagination to write, you activate your creativity and create a space of reflection for yourself, whatever your plans and projects for writing in English might be.

Got short stories of scribbles hidden somewhere in a notebook and would you like to get some feedback in a safe environment? Perhaps you would like to meet new people at the same time? Then we think this is the online workshop for you!

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  • Creative writing in English is over.

This course is over.

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Writing, any writing at all, can trigger the imagination in weird and wonderful ways. It can be something very simple that gets you started: a bright colour taking you back to one of your favourite holidays, a strange object that feels familiar to your hands, a gentle pose in a portrait, taking you back to your aunt's house: it's these kind of associations I love to write and talk about together, synesthesie that knits things together to make a story unfold.