Morning Moving-Research Sessions class with Marta Wörner
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Marta Wörner

Morning Moving-Research Sessions

With Marta Wörner
All levels

1746 x seen since June 30, 2020

Course is over, started on Sept. 15, 2020
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Time Window, Teilingerstraat 120, Rotterdam

Dance, research, play, move, and share.

Are you looking for a space in which you can train mind and body at the same time that you can reflect on what you are doing? These sessions are designed as a morning guided movement and dance playground.

The sessions are directed to professional artists with movement and dance experience or people with artistic training and a medium range of body awareness.

What is it?

Move, observe, draw, dance, write, move again, observe the other, play.

The morning movement sessions are frequent movement laboratories that have a defined framework. They are a platform for sharing finished dance researches. And they are always playful and highly physical and practical.

These sessions are: -for the participants a way to get open and honest access to the findings of finished dance researches. -for the choreographers and dance makers to show their discoveries, questions, and approaches freely.

Goals: 1. training a fluent and dynamic relationship between theory and dance practice. 2. to awake the body and mind and prepare it for a creative or performative day.

Structure of each session

We will start with a warm-up that has the aim to tune your body and mind. Then, a set of exercises where the choreographer shares his/her tools with you in a practical way will follow. These exercises will mostly be task-based exercises, in which you do not have to perform a choreographic phrase but to follow a specific task. During this section, you can reflect most about what you are doing, as the choreographer, sometimes will guide you to your notebook. We will finish by applying the learned tools to the creation or performance of choreographic material.

Organizer: Marta Wörner. She will both guide the sessions and invite other experienced dance researchers with a firm proposal to do so. You will be informed with at least one month in advance about who is guiding the sessions.

Schedule: From September to January. Under a strong physical approach, Marta proposes a space for moving, dancing, researching, and playing together within a defined framework that relates to her movement research.

About Marta’s sessions: In this workshop, we will explore the physical, psychical, and sensorial implications of the actions of falling (or unbuilding) and building a balanced body structure. Inspired by the Deleuzian concept of "becoming", Marta proposes a play between controlling and falling. The participants will inquire about the potential of their articulated movement, the openness of the body worked through breathing, relaxation, and conscious use of the core, and the awareness of the space.

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  • Standard : 8.00 € - Single Class

  • Morning Moving-Research Sessions is over.

This course is over.

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Marta Wörner is a choreographer, dance researcher and pedagogue. She is trained in dance performance in different European institutions and independent platforms and I hold a master degree in Choreography by Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam) and Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Tilburg) and a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication by the Complutense University (Madrid). As a choreographer, she is seeking for expressive and artistic languages that can evolve from the interaction and mixture of different art fields and formats. She aims to create vocabularies that entail a transdisciplinary language. Throughout her career, she combines contemporary dance and audio-visual work such projections and soundscapes. Her own creations have been shown at the Fringe Festival of Madrid and Edinburgh, The Boulevard Theatre Festival (Den Bosch), The ADM circus festival (Amsterdam), Worm (Rotterdam) and the COMMA festival (Rotterdam). Marta develops her artistic and pedagogic practise both inside and outside of the inclusive dance field, embracing the diversity of minds and bodies as an artistic value. She does this since 2014 independently and with the support of companies like Fritsch. Co (Psicoballet Maite León Foundation), Worm, and PIPS: Lab. Her first published academic research was exposed in 2019 as an online experience shaped by videos, practical exercises, verbal testimonies, poetry, and informative drawings. It can be accessed through this link:

You can learn more about Marta on her website: