Ballet beg/int class with Nane V. Bertely
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Nane V. Bertely

Ballet beg/int

With Nane V. Bertely

3571 x seen since Feb. 5, 2019

Course is over, started on July 17, 2018
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Evites, Baan 74, Rotterdam

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What is it Cuban Ballet Technique? It is a way to organize the class with a formative structure, taking care of the cleanliness and the quality of the movement and not only posing weakly. This is going to be a boot camp for your en dehors, feet and core. Strong but keeping the artistic beauty and dancing sense to the student.

We work at the barre, floor bar, center, allegro, and diagonals.

Would you like to come and sweat, squiz, stretch, point and enjoy with us? :) Be welcome!!!

  • Standard : 9.50 € - Full Course
  • Strippenkaart : 8.20 € - Full Course with 1.30 € discount

  • Ballet beg/int is over.

This course is over.

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Nane is a dancer, dance teacher (Modern Dance and Ballet Cuban Technique) and movement investigator graduated BA in Contemporary Dance in 2012 at Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.

She has danced for national and international choreographers, from 2012 to 2015 danced for Ultimo Tren Dance Company (Mexico City) where she won a commemorative plaque for 200 performances of the play “The Popol Vuh Book”, playing ‘Sofía’ the main role. She has also organized the 5th National Meeting of Students of Contemporary Dance (UV-México 2011) and been involved in many other cultural management projects.

She has taught for private and official institutions from 2008 until now. She is busy with her dance school, Nane Danza, and working in freelance teaching and choreographic research. Selected to join the Master of Choreography by Codarts and Fontys in 2019-2020.