Vogue New Way class with Venla Keskinen
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Venla Keskinen

Vogue New Way

With Venla Keskinen

883 x seen since June 13, 2022

Course is over, started on July 27, 2022
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

SKVR, Hennekijnstraat 6, Rotterdam

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Hou je conditie op peil en geniet van een zomer vol dans! Tijdens de workshop word je uitgedaagd om jouw dans skills verder te ontwikkelen. Danstechniek en plezier verzekerd!

  • Standard : 11.00 € - Workshop
  • Standard : 50.00 € - 5-Class Card for all Zomerdans 2022 courses and workshops

  • Vogue New Way is over.

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Venla is a professional dancer from Finland. She is focused on urban styles and her main style is specifically New Way Vogue. She started competing in voguing 2015 in two categories European Runway (a fashion category) and New Way (a performance category) and since then she has won several grand prizes on both categories, last ones being in May in Stockholm, Sweden (Dawn of the God's Ball GP European Runway and Reckoning Aftermath GP New Way) and in June in Amsterdam, Netherlands (40th Omniversary Ball GP New Way).

Venla is a member of two vogue houses, the Kiki House of Angels (kiki-scene) and the Ledendary House of Prodigy (main scene) and is known as Miila Angels Prodigy.

Besides being actively part of ballroom community Venla performs and teaches in the Netherlands and in Finland. During last year she has danced in two vogue thather pieces: In Jan-Feb 2019 Q4-Quantified (Choreographed by Sarita Sarada), which will be touring with DansClick in the fall-winter 2019 and in May Bitch Please in Stockholm, Sweden ( choreographed by Ida Holmlund).