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Jazz dance

Do you wonder what jazz dance classes are like and which one might be a good fit for you? Learn everything about it here.

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Jazzdance started to take shape in the beginning of the last century and is a mix of dance styles within modern, ballet and African-American dance. The jazz technique is characterized by the isolated movement of body parts (head, shoulders, pelvis) and many movements with slightly bent legs. Jazz is a versatile dance style with elements such as; power, technology, rhythm and speed.

All the elements are treated during the lessons. First you will focus primarily on basic technology. In this way you learn to know where each movement comes from and how you can perform it technically well. Then you move on to a combination where you will have to deal more with the rhythm and speed.

The lessons are structured in parts within the jazz dance lessons;

    Warming up Tendu exercise Another technical skill Across the floor Combination Cooling down

Warming up

Hereby you ensure that your body is warmed up well enough to start the jazz lesson. By warming up you prevent injuries and you improve your fitness. In this section the limbs are released and small basic shapes are added.

Tendu exercise

The term tendu means stretching your feet. To make jumps and landings properly and safely, you must ensure that your feet are properly warmed up. You do this in the form of a technical tendu exercise.

Another technical skill

Within engineering lessons you prepare yourself for something. That can be pirouette or technical jumps. That varies from lessons but also the level of you and your fellow students.

Across the floor

Here you practice combinations in a small form. With an across the floor you move from one side to the other within a dance studio, think of Jazz walks, grand jete etc.


During a combination, the basic forms that you have learned throughout the lessons are converted into a beautiful choreography.

Cooling down

To prevent injuries and body complaints you will be cooled down at the end. The cooling down also extends your muscles, so after each dance class you also get a little more flexible.

In short, a jazz lesson offers you a lot of knowledge within the basic techniques of dance. Jazz dance lessons are offered in Rotterdam via the artship website. Feel free to take a trial lesson to see if this dance style suits you.


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