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Do you wonder what urban classes are like and which one might be a good fit for you? Learn everything about it here.

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Do you wonder how classes are in urban and which are suitable for you? Read everything about this theme here.

Urban is a style that originated in the last century. It is a collective name for all dance forms from street culture, such as hip hop, break dance, street dance, jazz dance etc. All these forms have come together to form a coherent whole and have grown and developed over the years.

Urban expresses itself primarily in the commercial styles. This is mainly due to the music of today and the form of dance is created therein. You often see urban dance in clips and shows.

In every style you have a basis that you must adhere to. Within urban you therefore have the different dance styles and thus also different basic forms. That is why it is important that you understand and understand basic steps within those dance styles. In addition to those basic techniques, you also have a number of important elements within urban:

  • Endurance
  • power
  • Agility
  • Performance


You need a good condition to keep up with all the urban choreographies and dance lessons. You do not immediately have such a thing, you build this up. That is why the lesson starts as standard with a warm up. Because of this your body gets used to the intensity and it becomes easier and easier. Strength and fitness exercises are used within the warm up.


During a performance it is important that it is executed tightly. Power does not fall from the sky, but that must train and develop yourself. Within the dance class attention is paid to this so that all dance forms within urban become increasingly easier.


You don't have to be agile to take an urban class, you also develop this during dance lessons. Due to the flexibility you have a lot of space within your body to be able to move fully. This makes the detailed look easier and more flexible.


In order for the audience to be able to convince you, you must be able to communicate that well. You have to look strong and tight. It is not steps that you show but a story. To develop within your own abilities, a new choreography is regularly taught.

So an urban dance class offers you a lot. It not only offers you strength and endurance, but also various dance styles. Look especially at the artship website where in Rotterdam they offer you dance lessons from urban. Feel free to take a trial lesson and see for yourself whether this dance style suits you perfectly!


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