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Do you wonder what workout classes are like and which one might be a good fit for you? Learn everything about it here.

Dance workout

Do you wonder how classes are in workout and which are suitable for you? Read everything about this theme here.

Within workout classes the elements strength, fitness and endurance are very important. Exercise is very good and very important for your health. Exercise is the best medicine. If you keep moving, you prevent injuries, you feel fit, your bones become strong and you suffer less pain. It also reduces stress. During a workout you are more concerned with sports and less with what is happening around you.

Now there is a nicer form within a workout, namely dance. All technical sports exercises have been converted into dance forms. Dancing is very good for you. Your heart rate increases, you improve your balance, you become more agile and you have fun. During the dance training you do not only think of the technique but you are moving and releasing within your body.

The dance trainings are built up

  • Warming up
  • Core and strength training
  • Stretching
  • Across the floor
  • Dance combination
  • Cooling down
    • Warming up

      You can and should never start cold exercises. If you do that you will suffer a lot from painful complaints. During the warming up of the workout you loosen your limbs and increase your heart rate.

      Core and strength training

      When you are warm, you start with strength training. Core is very important for your stability. Most physical complaints are with your back and neck. By making your body and muscles stronger you prevent such complaints. You also train your arm and leg muscles.


      For prolonging and keeping the muscles flexible, this ensures better blood circulation. Your muscles then recover more easily, become less stiff and remain in better balance throughout class.

      Across the floor

      Different jazz and dance styles are combined in class. Dance styles such as modern jazz, show & pop and urban come along. You can also see that in the across the floor. Here you go from one side to the other within the dance studio .

      Dance combination

      Everything elements that you have learned during the lesson is reflected in a combination (choreography). In class you learn not only to exercise but also to go loose and free in a dance style.

      Cooling down

      After the lesson your muscles are quite warm due to all the exercises and strength training. During a cooling down you gradually cool your muscles so that you don't get too many complaints the next day.

      Dance workout is a fun form of sport. You will learn not only strength and flexibility but also the techniques of dance. At the artship site dance workout classes are given at a dance school in Rotterdam. Feel free to take a trial lesson and experience the lessons yourself!

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