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About Dorothea

Dorothea Mende, born 1994 in Munich, is a dancer, maker and teacher. She studied at the DPM School in Mannheim (GER) and later at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (NL), where she graduated in 2020. Currently she is based in Rotterdam (NL).

Over the years she worked with Dario Tortorelli, Caroline Finn, Ann van den Broek and Guido Hoek and Rosa Berman. Recently she worked as an intern with the Motus Mori team led by Katja Heitmann and in the MAAS theatre with the production “Uniform” by Nastaran Razawi. In 2020 she choreographed a work inspired by Sharon Fridman for the classic music festival held by the EI ELE school in Presikhaaf.

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