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About James

James Parnell (aka Rae Major 007) has been actively teaching and organizing in the Dutch Ballroom scene since 2017. His category (and first love) is Old Way- the original dance style of the ballroom scene.

He is the mother of the Kiki House of Major, a kiki house based in the Hague. He is also the co-organizer of PLAYGROUND, a monthly vogue session focused on the performance and growth of members of the ballroom scene.

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James's Activity
James Parnell
James Parnell 1 year ago
Old Way Class: Old Way a.k.a. "the only way" is the basis of today's ballroom (voguing) scene. It is the original vogue style and captures the essence of the ballroom scene. Voguers in the United States such as Jamal Milan, Tim Princess and Brian Balenciaga have all found themselves expressing themselves through Old Way. Voguers such as Diva Miyake-Mugler, Yanou Ninja, Cupcake Vineyard and Marina (ex-Ultra Omni) have mastered the dance practice here in Europe. In this class, we will go over the basics of old way, and explore how to bring the essence of ballroom to your performances.