Research and physicality class with Nathalie Vermeiren
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Nathalie Vermeiren

Research and physicality

Met Nathalie Vermeiren

1392 x gezien sinds 19 november 2020

Cursus is voorbij, gestart op 3 december 2020
09:30 - 11:00

Tribes, Haagweg 4, Leiden

Onderdeel van
DansBlok Dance Training

In this class, we will work with tools guiding you to specific ways of body use and physicality. I will explain certain principles and give physical tasks in light of my ongoing research, about alienating the human body. The class focuses on moving through complex bodily structures and postures, exploring one's' ability of reconfiguring their body.

  • Standaard : € 7,50 - Workshop
  • Late Registration (1 hour before class) : € 8,50 - Workshop met -€ 1,00 korting

  • Research and physicality is voorbij.

Deze cursus is afgelopen.

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Nathalie Vermeiren started dancing in Dansstudio Arabesque, Antwerp. In 2015, she attended the professional training programme ‘Dances Start Up VI’ under artistic guidance of Brigel Gjoka and Mattia Gandini in Italy. She graduated as Dancer/maker at the ArtEZ, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Netherlands in 2020. 
Nathalie developed a formidable urge for creating and research through her education, combining both her physical and photographical skills. In 2019 Nathalie and Danielle Huyghe found the collective 2Deform, translating concepts of alienation and isolation into physicality. Nathalie is currently working as a freelance dancer and maker.