Ballet beg/int class with Anne-Marie Pos
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Anne-Marie Pos

Ballet beg/int

Met Anne-Marie Pos

3577 x gezien sinds 5 februari 2019

Cursus is voorbij, gestart op 26 juli 2018
20:15 - 21:15

Evites, Baan 74, Rotterdam

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  • Standaard : € 9,50 - Volledige cursus
  • Strippenkaart : € 8,20 - Volledige cursus met € 1,30 korting

  • Ballet beg/int is voorbij.

Deze cursus is afgelopen.

Ballet beg/int heeft nog geen beoordelingen.

Cultural entrepreneur, consultant, ​and member of the CID, Unesco but foremost an international, professional and certified ballet teacher, specialized in the Russian, Vaganova method. Working with professional and semi-professional, (young) adult dancers of all levels.

I got my teaching and dancing degree at Codarts in Rotterdam. I danced on many, international stages and have been teaching for 20 years. So you are in good hands!

​Recently more and more adults are starting with taking up ballet. The community of adult ballet dancers is growing and growing. And that is why I am here. To teach you ballet. Because it is never too late. Do you want to join? You can. Let's start!