Broadway Jazz class with Neil Dolan
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Neil Dolan

Broadway Jazz

Met Neil Dolan

4365 x gezien sinds 5 februari 2019

Cursus is voorbij, gestart op 18 september 2018
18:45 - 20:15

De Theaterschool, Pieter de Hoochweg 222, Rotterdam

Each week, the class will start with a traditional set warm up of around 35 mins which is choreographed so that the students can learn it over a few weeks, but is also easy to follow. The warm up includes the basic technical steps, alongside exercises to help improve strength, stamina and flexibility. The warm up is followed by movement sequences across the room to work on technical steps and presentation of work. This if followed by a set routine being taught, that may be repertoire from existing musicals, but usually choreographed by myself. Each class ends with a deep stretch to cool down and avoid injuries. The style of my class is influenced by the work of Fosse, Robbins, Balanchine and Bennett, and many other renowned musical choreographers. I often teach repertoire from existing shows, and also create my own work for my classes. I am extremely excited to be starting my own course in Rotterdam and look forward to seeing who is going to join for a bit of hard work and a lot of fun.

With any questions about the course, or if you'd like to pay the course in instalments, please contact us at [email protected] so we can set that up for you.

Please follow me on Facebook/Twitter/instagram @neildolandance and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see class videos and keep up with everything that we are working on in the classes.

  • Standaard : € 375,00 - Volledige cursus
  • Standaard : € 20,00 - afzonderlijke les
  • Jongvolwassenen (10%) : € 337,50 - Volledige cursus met 10% korting
  • Jongvolwassenen (10%) : € 18,00 - afzonderlijke les met 10% korting
  • Rotterdampas : € 350,00 - Volledige cursus met € 25,00 korting

  • Broadway Jazz is voorbij.

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