Choreography class class with Anne-Marie Pos
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Anne-Marie Pos

Choreography class

Met Anne-Marie Pos

3449 x gezien sinds 5 februari 2019

Cursus is voorbij, gestart op 12 oktober 2018
20:00 - 21:00

Huis van de Wijk - Grote Hagen, Grote Hagen 92, Rotterdam

Creative and engaging class where you will learn contemporary choreography. You will be involved in the creative process of making a choreography with the group and your teacher. This course is given by Agnes Philipsen.

Creatieve en boeiende les waar jij moderne dans choreografieen leert. Je bent betrokken bij het creatieve proces van het maken van een choreografie, samen met je groep en de docent. Deze cursus word verzorgd door Agnes Philipsen.

  • Standaard : € 95,00 - Volledige cursus
  • Standaard : € 11,00 - afzonderlijke les

  • Choreography class is voorbij.

Deze cursus is afgelopen.

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Cultural entrepreneur, consultant, ​and member of the CID, Unesco but foremost an international, professional and certified ballet teacher, specialized in the Russian, Vaganova method. Working with professional and semi-professional, (young) adult dancers of all levels.

I got my teaching and dancing degree at Codarts in Rotterdam. I danced on many, international stages and have been teaching for 20 years. So you are in good hands!

​Recently more and more adults are starting with taking up ballet. The community of adult ballet dancers is growing and growing. And that is why I am here. To teach you ballet. Because it is never too late. Do you want to join? You can. Let's start!